Working together for healthy streams and strong communities

Project Twin Streams (PTS) is large scale environmental restoration project that works collaboratively to engage West Auckland communities around restoring the streams in their local neighbourhoods.

  • 800,000+ native trees and shrubs planted
  • 60,000+ volunteer hours streamside
  • 4212.8m2 weeds removed
  • 9.3km walk/cycleways
  • 98 art projects
  • 1 rongoā garden
  • 1 pā harakeke
  • 4 community gardens
  • 1 documentary

What's Happening

Te Whakakitenga (The Vision) by Te Rongo Kirkwood. Have you spotted this artwork before? Find it near Millbrook Edible Garden by Oratia Stream. Made of Kauri, glass & steel. Beautiful pic thanks to @nzbatman
#pouihi #sculpture #art #oratia #sunnyvale #waitakere #auckland #newzealand #projecttwinstreams
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Auckland Transport's (AT) Community Bike Fund is NOW OPEN. Groups can apply for between $300 to $5000. The Fund supports community initiatives that encourage more people to ride 🚲 more often, especially new riders. Funding is available for community-focussed projects that encourage riding a bike as a regular transport choice, and/or improve cycle safety, & contribute to the normalisation of cycling in Auckland. ANY community group can make an application. Even if you don’t currently include cycling in your group/activities, this could be an opportunity for groups to consider how they could possibly encourage riding a bike within their community. Applications close: Sun 3 March 2019. AT’s Cycling & Walking Team are available to help support groups with their applications. Details on the AT website…
#projecttwinstreams #aklbikelife #akltransport #cycling #aucklandcycling
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NZ’s freshwater #eels are so special & unique - we were lucky to spot this one at our PTS area at Paremuka. They can live up to 100 years & only breed once at the end of their lives after swimming all the way up to the Pacific Ocean near Tonga. Amazing! #projecttwinstreams #aklbiodiversity #nznativefish ... See MoreSee Less


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I am noticing lots of communities have pet eels that they feed etc only to be heartbroken when someone comes along to catch and eat them. Is there some way we can lobby for a bylaw to protect suburban eels? Greg Presland??

Gomphocarpus physocarpus aka balloonplant, balloon cotton-bush or #swanplant is a species of #milkweed. The plant is native to southeast Africa, but has been here since the 1880s so we think of them as our own. It is often used as an ornamental plant but they’re the main food source for #monarchbutterfly caterpillars and a great way to attract butterflies back into your garden! The name "balloonplant" refers to its 🎈 -like follicles which are full of seeds. 📷 from Serwayne Walk Sunnyvale (Oratia stream) #projecttwinstreams #aklbiodiversity #milkweedformonarchs ... See MoreSee Less

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Stick #insects are intriguing! Famous for looking like the vegetation they're feeding on, they can often reproduce without males. When disturbed they can fall to the ground and play dead for hours. They can also dance – swaying strangely back and forwards for hours & no-one knows why! Relatively common in NZ – although introduced wasps, rats and possums are a threat to them in some areas. Easiest to find after dark on a variety of #nznativeplants as well as other introduced plants in your garden. 📷 from Oratia Stream in Henderson #projecttwinstreams #nznativeinsects ... See MoreSee Less

EcoMatters Environment Trust
Find out how we can ensure Kauri grace our forests for future generations. #LoveOurKauri
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