Working together for healthy streams and strong communities

Project Twin Streams (PTS) is large scale environmental restoration project that works collaboratively to engage West Auckland communities around restoring the streams in their local neighbourhoods.

  • 800,000+ native trees and shrubs planted
  • 60,000+ volunteer hours streamside
  • 4212.8m2 weeds removed
  • 9.3km walk/cycleways
  • 98 art projects
  • 1 rongoā garden
  • 1 pā harakeke
  • 4 community gardens
  • 1 documentary

What's Happening

#beetree 🐝🌲- a tree in which a colony of #honeybees makes its home! When sap trees die they rot from the inside out, creating a large cavity where #bees can nest. A #beecolony may live in a 🐝🌲for many many years. Most #bee trees have a large inner hollow, often with an upper and lower entrance 📷 Henderson Park (Opanuku Stream) #projecttwinstreams #savethebees #aklbiodiversity #nzbees ... See MoreSee Less

Our PTS team at our collaborative meeting this morning - reviewing this year & planning for next year! Our awesome hardworking team 💪🏻 is from @ecomatters @teukaipo @mphscommunity @aklcouncil and Community Waitakere #strongertogether #projecttwinstreams ... See MoreSee Less

Soooo exciting! 🦇🖤This is the face of excitement. Last night the Community Waitakere team caught the first long-tailed bat on the Opanuku Stream in over a decade. Magic!
#nzbats #bats #batspotting #science #research #community #education #ecology #conservation #inspiration #aklbiodiversity #pestfreeakl AECOM Davidson-Watts Ecology Ltd
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That's fabulous news.

Well done Project Twin Streams and your supporters.

A successful bat hunt then, Tina!! 🦇🎉👍

Woohoo. Fantastic, hope you can share more, our daughter is so interested in the pekapeka.

Well done!

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Please share!Great opportunity to join our Community Waitakere Team. We are looking for a Citizen Science Coordinator (West Auckland).…
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Expanding frond of a Mamaku (Cyathea medullaris) at Opanuku Stream. It forms an iconic koru shape – common in Māori art where it symbolises new life, growth, strength & peace. It provided sustenance as well as inspiration – Māori steamed the pith taken from its trunk but because of the slow regeneration of the tree it was only used in times of scarcity or by travellers. #projecttwinstreams #aklbiodiversity #nznativeplants #koru ... See MoreSee Less

We were so lucky to spot these two ruru aka Moreporks (Ninox novaeseelandiae) at Howard Reserve in Henderson (Opanuku Stream). Have you ever heard their haunting, melancholic call? Its easy to see why in Māori tradition these birds of the night were considered watchful guardians who belonged to the spirit world.
#creaturesofthenight #projecttwinstreams #nznativebirds #aklbiodiversity
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Wow wonderful, must have made your day.

Esta foto me la envió Esteban (Hevia) en el momento que hizo la captura. Felicitaciones

Neverbheard them in reality but can understand a nochternal bird call would be like a haunting!!!!!!!!

There are magpies beginning to nest and hatch around Opanuku (Shona area)

Hear them all the time at night,but haven't seen!

I am sure these guys might be the ones that I can hear at night!

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💛 Click on the link to read our latest Project Twin Streams e pānui 🦇… ... See MoreSee Less

This gorgeous kawakawa we planted almost 1 year ago at Paremuka Reserve is flourishing!
#projecttwinstreams #kawakawa #aklbiodiversity #nznative
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