Working together for healthy streams and strong communities

Project Twin Streams (PTS) is large scale environmental restoration project that works collaboratively to engage West Auckland communities around restoring the streams in their local neighbourhoods.

  • 800,000+ native trees and shrubs planted
  • 60,000+ volunteer hours streamside
  • 4212.8m2 weeds removed
  • 9.3km walk/cycleways
  • 98 art projects
  • 1 rongoā garden
  • 1 pā harakeke
  • 4 community gardens
  • 1 documentary

What's Happening

Jump on your 🚲 & join Tina aka Batwoman 🦇 🦸🏻‍♀️ this Sunday! Bring your friends & whanau to our amazing Project Twin Streams cycle way & learn more about the hidden gems in your neighbourhood. Bookings essential! Email #projecttwinstreams #aklbikelife #aklbiodiversity #cycling #mphscommunitytrust ... See MoreSee Less

Join us on Sunday 23 June 3-5.30pm for a fun ride together along the Opanuku Project Twins Streams #cycleway. Bring your 🚲 or hire one for free! During the ride learn about NZ‘s flora and fauna and the amazing art to be seen. Our aim? To to give our local people a great understanding of the hidden gems in their neighbourhood. The ride finishes with a talk on the Pekapeka (Long-tailed 🦇) - the only land mammal native to Aotearoa. Numbers are limited so you need to register. Email #projecttwinstreams #aklbikelife #aucklandtransport #cycling #westauckland #bats ... See MoreSee Less


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Dont forget to book!

Squeeee, I missed the last one so super excited about this one.

Have you spotted any #wasps lately? We’ve seen so many - here are 3 nests we found & removed recently from Te Rangi Hiroa. Apparently we’re not the only ones!...…
#projecttwinstreams #insect @ Te Rangi Hiroa Youth Park
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They're everywhere where I weed and plant over on the Awhitu Peninsula.

Especially bad this year it seems!

Keep your 👀 open and notice the #fungusamongus! This orange pore fungus (Favolaschia calochera) we found at Serwayne Walk in Sunnyvale (Lower Waikumete Stream) is an introduced tropical species that looks like a bright orange fan. It is invasive and displaces our native #fungi species. It is NOT edible!
#projecttwinstreams #fungusfreaks #fungusamongus #aklbiodiversity #mphs
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Catch up on all our latest news 💌 -… ... See MoreSee Less

School holiday fun & learning with our #projecttwinstreams Glen Eden team from #ecomatters and #rasyouth - planting karamu seedlings 🌱 at Kaurilands ☀️ @ Kaurilands Waitakere 📷 @youth_atras ... See MoreSee Less

#cicada - the sound of NZ summer - use clever strategies to evade predators. They can fly rapidly to escape & many, like the one pictured, are extremely well camouflaged to evade predators like birds that hunt by sight. 📷 from Opanuku Stream #henderson
#projecttwinstreams #insectsofinstagram #insects #aklbiodiversity #nzinsects #bugs
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Q: Why did the Fungi leave the party? A: There wasn't mushroom! This Ganoderma applanatum found near Oratia Stream is a bracket #fungus that grows within the wood of living and dead trees. Often used a flavour enhancer in Asian cuisine, it is also a drawing medium for artists! It is known as a wood-decay fungus because it can cause heartwood to rot in a variety of #trees.
#projecttwinstreams #fungusfreaks #fungusamongus #aklbiodiversity
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Is this also ganoderma?

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