Mayor of Kakogawa Visits PTS

PTS recently welcomed the Mayor of Kakogawa City, Japan. Auckland was their sister city during the Waitakere Council days. He visited a PTS site managed by Community Waitakere who facilitated a native planting. The group included the Kakogawa Mayor and his delegation, Henderson-Massey Local Board, Council’s Community Parks and Places Manager and other representative groups from the public and those involved with Waitakere Council. The ten large specimen trees that were planted (including puriri and kowhai) will contribute to PTS plant species diversity and the Mayor, Phil Goff’s Million Trees Initiative.



PTS staff spend a lot of time as part of their work with community on education – educating to make changes now and for all our futures. Here’s snapshot of recent eucational activities:

Project Twin at MPHS’ Community Festival at Henderson Valley Park. Colouring competition in full swing!

Observing macroinvertebrates (stream bugs) from Opanuku Stream. We showed stony and woody-cased caddisflies, shrimps, crabs, amphipods, isopods and round pointed snails


Breakaway youth working with PTS staff from MPHS to brighten drainage signs in Henderson











Seedling Love 🌱❤️
Belinda from PTS Henderson Creek potting up native plants with children from Henderson Primary School.

ACG Sunderland students doing pest animal monitoring at Epping Wetland.

Bats Detected at BioBlitz 2017!

Hosted by Auckland Museum, BioBlitz 2017’s focus was to connect communities to their natural environment.This exciting biodiversity survey carried out over 24 hours aimed to record as many of the living species found at Opanuku Stream as possible. It brought together scientists, naturalists, students and members of the public with diverse knowledge, expertise and interest in the natural environment to learn about the wild and wonderful, secretive and shy species that dwell in the nooks and crannies of our city environment!

Did you know that Auckland is one of the only cities in New Zealand that still has resident populations of pekapeka – long-tailed bats? They are our only native land mammal and are classed as ‘critical/vulnerable’ due to predators and removal of trees where they roost.

During BioBlitz 2017 at Opanuku Stream, Henderson Tina (PTS Community Coordinator at MPHS) and Chris Bindon (Auckland Council’s Biodiversity Advisor) hosted an evening Bat Walk.

It was an exciting evening – using bat detectors they found bats at three different locations at our Opanuku Stream bush area during the walk! 

Tina – our Project Twin Streams Community Coordinator from MPHS holding an echo locator with evidence of bat sounds!

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