Glen Eden Hall of Fame

Project Twin Streams Glen Eden has received a signifcant amount of local support to achieve equally signficant results for our community. We’d like to thank the following organisations for their wonderful and continued support for the project in Glen Eden.

In 2008 and 2009 alongside local neighbours many Church of Christ members from all over Auckland planted thousands of trees. We enjoyed the wonderful spirit of the group, the great humour, and the fun everyone was having often covered in mud.
  The Department of Corrections have supported Project Twin Stream Glen Eden since the project first begun here in 2006.  There assistance has been invaluable over the years; we appreciate everyone who supports us with our stream restoration.
  Delegats Winery staff helped us with restoring the Glen Eden Streams in 2011 planting lots of plants also putting mulch along the riparian edges of Ceramco Park.
  EcoMatters Staff Social Group planted the highly visible Glendale Road Bridge site in 2009 plus supported Glen Eden neighbours on the Waikumete tributary stream with their invasive weeds.
  The Glen Eden Athletics and Harriers Club has been involved in restoring the streamside areas at Ceramco Park over the past four years.  Every year they give us a hand as part of their caring for their local environment.  We really enjoy working with dedicated and enthusiastic groups like this.
  The Glen Eden Business Association worked with Project Twin Streams Glen Eden, our Arts Coordinator Mandy Patmore and the many children of Glen Eden Primary to produce Nga Taonga o te Waikumete (Treasures of the Waikumete) in 2009. Pictured is the day that shoppers at Glenmall got to paint some of the creations that make up this fabulous mural.
  Glen Eden Intermediate School have been actively involved with us since 2007 in the Waikumete Stream areas near their school. In 2011 they have planted in a wide area from Glendale Rd up to the Wirihana Wetland. They learnt about the stream quality and creatures that are present with Shane from Wai Care.
The whole of Glen Eden Primary School has been involved since 2007 when the Project Twin Streams restoration of the Waikumete Stream began in Glen Eden.  They have worked in the Glen Eden Picnic Ground; Duck Park; Lucinda Place; West Coast Rd and Ceramco Park. Teachers and parents have also supported us with cooking BBQ for many of our Community Events over the years.
Of all our schools Green Bay Primary travelled the farthest to our stream to be involved with the Project Twin Streams restoration. Since 2008 they have planted, weeded learnt about the stream creatures and collected rubbish in the Ceramco Park and Kauriland Domain sections of the Waikumete. In 2011 they have concentrated on restoring their own Wai Tahurangi (Avondale Stream) next to their school which is part of the Whau Catchment.
  Most of the students from Kauriland Primary School planted in the Atkinson Walkway and Kauriland Domain area with us in 2010. They have concentrated on their own stream restoration on the school grounds. Pictured Hibernia Stream and Wetland planting in the rain 2011.
  Project Twin Streams have worked with the students at Konini Primary School since 2008 educating them about their local streams and the human effects, good and bad, impact on our waterways. They have planted with us on the Whakarina Stream on Withers Reserve and they busy restoring the stream that is on their own property.
  Prospect Primary School planted and worked on various areas of the Waikumete Stream and began restoration of the stream on the school grounds in 2009.
  Starduz Social Soccer Team volunteered in May 2011 helping to clean up the rubbish along the Cycleway section of our Waikumete Stream.
  The students from Te Kura Kaupapa o Hoani Waititi have been keenly involved with Project Twin Streams on the Waikumete Stream areas near Parrs Park for several years plus they also have been restoring the Parrs Stream that is on their property. Project Twin Streams keenly supports this work throughout the Glen Eden catchment.
  Vision West staff and students have been keen supporters of Project Twin Streams over the past four years.  Their support has been invaluable.  For example over the 2011 planting season they helped us plant over 2,000 plants on the Waikumete and Bishop Streams. The Vision West Training Centre is a key relationship fostered over the years that allow us to connect with and upskill young people through our restoration activities.
  The Walsh Trust have been coming to Project Twin Streams Glen Eden for regular planting bees since early 2011.  This work has entailed clearing rubbish and planting up the streamside area at the end of Savoy Road.  The Walsh Trust offer support services that promote recovery for people whose lives have been affected by an experience of mental health that has been personally challenging or a barrier to participating in work or the community for six months or longer.

We would also like to thank all of the individual Project Twin Streams Volunteers, Greater Glen Eden and Te Kawerau a Maki for their support of stream restoration in Glen Eden.