Neighbourhood Groups

For Project Twin Streams Glen Eden our approach to restoring the the Waikumete, Bishop and Whakarina Streams is a collaborative one. We believe our waterways are a taonga (treasure) that are under our collective stewardship as a community.

We’re thrilled to work with the following neighbourhood groups, often over a period of many years, who share this vision and regularly attend working bees, planting days as well as forging new connections with their local community. Here are some of our highlights.

Sonnenberg and Wirihana Residents – Eddies Bush and Wirihana Wetland Reserve

  The Eddies Bush and Wirihana Wetland reserve are hidden treasures in Glen Eden. These distinctive environs are formed where the Bishop Stream comes out of the Waitakere foothills at Eddies bush into an incredible suburban- based wetland. These local neighbours are an integral part of the restoration of the Wirihana Wetland with Neighbour Planting Bees. They have also gained much better understanding of their impacts on the wetland with Neighbour Weed Wai Care Workshops and become good friends in the process.

Onedin and Konini Residents – Kowhai Wetland Reserve

  The Kowhai Wetland Reserve is a wonderful wetland hidden behind these suburban streets of upper Glen Eden/lower Titirangi. We’ve had three community plantings where many neighbours planted and socialised together. Earlier in 2011 we have had a Neighbourhood Walk and Talk with conservationist Geoff Davidson (of Oratia Native Plant Nursery) to create awareness of this special and rare urban wetland. We spent most time at the Onedin Place footbridge highlighting the native plants, the environmental weed issues plus Wai Care had stream and creature sampling to show  the water quality of this wetland. We walked from here through a bush area and along the back of the Paewai properties where we have had many of those neighbours planting finishing off at a lovely BBQ and socialising at one of our Paewai properties.

Paewai Residents – Kowhai Wetland Reserve

  We had a large neighbourhood planting bee in 2010 with a street BBQ afterwards where two of our Wirihana Rd neighbours came and cooked for us. In 2011 we had a smaller follow up planting ‘filling in the gaps’ to continue the restoration and improvement of this part of Wetland. 2011 also saw the Neighbourhood Walk and Talk with  conservationist Geoff Davidson (of Oratia Native Plant Nursery) to create awareness of this special and rare urban wetland. Following the talk we walked through the bush and along the back of the Paewai properties so familiar from the many neighbourhood BBQ and socialising that follow the planting events.

Captain Scott Rd and Inver St Residents – Waikumete Stream

  Many keen neighbours of these two Glen Eden streets have been becoming more and more involved in improving and being proud of their Waikumete Streamside – which they are fortunate to have at the foot of their properties. In 2009 we had a Big Weed Workshop on one of our Captain Scott neighbour properties which involved showing the different manual techniques required to remove the environmental ‘nasties’ that beset these neighbours. We followed this up on a evening late November 2009 helping another one of our Captain Scott Waikumete Stream neighbours with her infestation of Tradescantia weed that had, in her words “got away from her.”
In 2010 we had a Neighbourhood Stream Clean Up of lots of the rubbish that had gathered behind the Inver and Captain Scott properties along and in the Waikumete Stream. In May 2010 we had a big Community Planting Event beside the Inver Street entrance to the Glen Eden Cycleway and in July of the following year Captain Scott and Inver St neighbours along with other Glen Eden folk planted 400 plants behind  Inver St properties on the streamside.

Routley and Savoy Residents – Glen Eden Cycleway/Waikumete Stream

  Successful big Community Planting Events at the end of Savoy Rd (2008) and Routley Drive (2009). Keen local neighbours continued with smaller neighbourhood Planting Bees along the Cycleway streamside areas in 2010 and 2011.

Oates, Glendale Rd, Picnic Area Residents and Glen Eden Tennis Club – Waikumete Stream

  Neighbourhood plantings undertaken by these groups in 2010 and 2011 beside the highly visible Glendale Road Bridge have made a significant impact by this group who are keen to improve their section of the Waikumete Stream.
  In 2010/2011 the Glen Eden Tennis Club has become part of the Project Twins Streams restoration as the property that their Club is on is on the Waikumete Stream. The club members and family planted the restoration plants in July 2011.
  Glendale Neighbour Weeding Bee held in November 2011. Four Glen Eden neighbours got together to help one Glendale Rd woman with her “invading weeds.” This property borders a part of our Project Twin Streams Waikumete Stream area which has had three years of restoration work done already.


Lucinda Place Residents – Waikumete Stream

  The residents in the Lucinda Place area have been actively supporting Project Twin Streams since 2009. They have been involved in planting bees in the Lucinda Place Community Orchard, both stream side and fruit tree plantings and also in the Glen Eden Picnic area. There have been numerous community meetings, planting and working bees and work shops in the orchard that the local residents have attended

Woodbank Drive/Titch Place Residents – Waikumete Stream

  The local community enjoyed a beautiful Saturday morning planting bee on the Waikumete Stream in August 2011. A big turnout of people planted 500 trees in the balmy conditions. The event was a collaboration between the New Zealand Housing Foundation, The Salvation Army and Project Twin Streams. The Salvation Army kindly provided kai for the planters, not to mention helping with the grunt work. Representatives from the NZ Housing Foundation came along and passed on free native plants to many of the residents in the area. It was a great opportunity to meet the residents and find a thriving, closely connected community working together to protect their environment.

‘The Olive Grove’ Verdale Circle and Barnea Circle Residents – Waikumete Stream

  One of the last unplanted areas of the Waikumete Stream was in an area known as the Mr Glass site, adjacent to Verdale Circle and Barnea Circle (otherwise known as the ‘Olive Grove.’ In July 2011 Project Twin Streams held it’s first ‘double header’ planting day. Over 70 locals turned out to put 1,400 plants into the ground.

Sherrybrooke Place

  The residents in Sherrybrooke Place have been involved with Project Twin Streams for a number of years. From allowing access to the stream via their properties for PTS staff, contractors and planting groups, hosting work shops and being involved in planting bees, this wee enclave of peace is a great example of community collaboration the project.
In 2010, a group of neighbours in association with PTS and Keep Waitakere Beautiful Trust worked together to clean up an area of the Waikumete Stream. In two  hours 20 or so people removed 500 kg of rubbish from the area! Later in the year we held a well attended Saturday morning workshop showcasing hot composting and water harvesting using rain barrels. It proved how easy, cost affective and environmentally beneficial it is to save water and onsite compost our waste.The 2011 planting season kicked off an eight day, 4,000 planting extravaganza in association with Fruitvans, a local business. Over the 8 days 35 people helped in planting out 2 reaches of the stream near Sherrybrooke place. Many of the participants were from overseas, here on working holidays.

Get Involved

Whether you’re new to the area or simply new to Project Twin Streams you’d be welcome to join any of these thriving neighbourhood groups. If you would like to be part of these Waikumete Stream restoration activities please contact:

Pamela Gill
Community Coordinator
09 826 0554
021 308 257
Gabriela Ezeta
PTS Glen Eden Stream Ranger
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021 143 2255