What can I do?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Project Twin Streams Glen Eden and help protect and restore your local stream and the wider environment.

Come along and volunteer to weed or plant on the stream. The Stream Rangers welcome assistance with their regular weeding bees which are held every Thursday and Friday and our neighbourhood groups always welcome new members. If you’re a Glen Eden business or organisation, you may be interested in joining the ranks of our Glen Eden Hall of Fame by volunteering on the stream. Email Pamela Gill  to find out more.
If you’re interested in how our actions impact on the environment you may be interested in volunteering to do some monitoring on our local streams. We’re interested in gatheing more information on weed, animal , native plant, streambank, Wai Care (in-stream testing) and birds numbers and habits. We provide free training for those interests. Email Pamela Gill for more information.
Join the Lucinda Place Community Orchard. There are regular workshops which educate on both maintaning the fruit orchard and how we can leave a lighter environmental footprint on the earth.


Top Links on Environmental Weed Information

Environmental weeds have a huge impact on stream health as they don’t allow our native bush to thrive and regenerate. You could remove environmental weeds from your place as all impact on the local environment, particularly our streams. The links below are great if you’re interested in learning how to identify them on your property and just as importantly, how to get rid of them.

Auckland Council website– for information on environmental weeds, their dispersal, what makes them a problem and how to control them, type in the common name or botanical name of the weed. Auckland Council Community Weed Bins – there are a number of permanently sited community weed bins placed across West Auckland for your convenience. Note these bins are for environmental weeds only. The nearest bins to Glen Eden are in Waiatarua, Henderson Valley and Laingholm.
WeedFree Trust – a great site with information on weed disposal and other weed related advice. The Weedfree team are also happy to answer any questions or offer additional support. Phone 09 826 4276 or drop them an email. Weedbusters is a New Zealand website with useful information on environmental weeds, including information about what others are doing and practical suggestions for weed control.  You can join up and get regular newsletters.

Positive Steps Towards Stream Health

Looking for a quick environmental fix? Here’s what you can do today to help protect our streams.

Consider washing your car on the lawn instead of the driveway. Grass is amazing at soaking up all the chemical residues like copper, lead and zinc that are left on your car and on the road. If you can’t do this and fancy a short cut, you needn’t feel guilty about going to the carwash. All their water and detergents are stored and treated so you can put your feet up knowing you’re helping the environment.
While it’s often the easiest thing to do, do your best to keep paint or household chemicals out of your storm water drain.  Most of this flows straight to sea. The Hazmobile is a free service that will safely dispose of hazardous waste or some retailers, like Resene paints, will look after it for you.
You could sweep your driveway rather than using the hose. Think of it as exercise!
Being a tidy Kiwi isn’t just good for the look of our neighbourhood, it’s great for our streams too. Every bit of rubbish you recycle or put in the bin helps.
Did you know that cars are the main source of stormwater pollution in Auckland? Sometimes only a car will do to get you from ‘a’ to ‘b’ but how about trying of an alternative form of transport for your shorter journeys? That’s where your engine is at its most inefficient, so you’ll save petrol and your local stream!
Ring the Pollution Hotline on 09 377 3107 immediately if you see any pollution in the stream.