Action Toolkit

The Action Toolkit is a resource centre of over fifty downloadable PDFs.

These are divided into three sections. Techniques and Tools contains examples that focus on how methods such as storytelling, art and community events have been employed on Project Twin Streams and puts these into an international context. Each example ends with an ‘ideas incubator’ which suggests new ways to employ these themes.

Case Studies includes inventive projects, many of which draw on international expertise. These are thematically linked to the work on Project Twin Streams and offer practical advice for implementation here. These projects range in scope from small scale exhibitions through to large scale and ongoing projects.

The Snap Shots section focuses on the project’s local work providing a further touchpoint for showcasing the innovative ways in which the Project Twin Streams strands are being delivered on the ground. Theses snap shots provide a series of suggestions that could be used not only here, but also across other environmental projects in New Zealand.