Tools and Techniques

Project Twin Streams employs a number of innovative tools and techniques in its delivery of the multifaceted project strands. The 13 examples highlighted below divide specific Project Twin Streams events into thematic sections and place these in an international context. An ideas incubator gives further ideas and suggestions to inspire and provide new ideas for future events and projects using these specific themes. Click on the links below to view the downloadable PDFs.

Community Events, Festivals and Gatherings
Tags: community events, festivals, networking
Community Monitoring
Tags: environmental monitoring, schools, environmental footprinting
Encounters with Nature
Tags: stream life, community gardens
Tags: education, online, traditional
Interactive Models and Maps
Tags: mapping, modeling, stormwater
Mixed Experimental and Digital Media
Tags: digital media, mixed media, education
Public Art Works Murals and Sculpture
Tags: public art, collaboration
Resource Centres
Tags: educational centres, sustainability
Sound Based Experiences and Installations
Tags: audio, tikanga Maori, music
Story Telling
Tags: storytelling, audio, DVD
Symposiums conferences and workshops
Tags: conferences, peer support
Theatre and Drama
Tags: drama, storytelling, schools
Tikanga Maori, Cultural Learning Activities
Tags: tikanga Maori, kaitiakitanga