A series of 21 international case studies which draw on similar ideals and motivations to Project Twins Streams are featured below. These are used as a source of ideas and inspirations for future potential Project Twins Streams with suggested ideas ranging in scope from smaller scale concepts which could easily be applied, through to large scale and ongoing projects which would require significant resourcing. Click on the links below to view the downloadable PDFs.

Global Action Plan’s EcoTeam
Tags: sustainability, networking
Clean Drains, River Gains
Tags: stormwater, education
Tags: sustainability, model
Lincoln Enviro Town
Tags: enviro-town, sustainability, networking
Tags: art, sustainability, gardening
Friends of the Whau
Tags: restoration, partnership
An Ambient Audio Adventure Through Golden Gate Park
Tags: Audio, MP3 player
Political Leadership and Engagement
Tags: communication tools, humour
Neighbours Against Irresponsible Logging
Tags: mapping, environmental impact, community group
1% Water
Tags: Art, water
Te Rangatahi o te Whenua Trust
Tags; restoration, alternative education
Sustainability Street
Tags: networking, training, sustainability
Business Streams
Tags: business, stormwater
Box City
Tags: Town planning, architecture, community
Tags: beach, restoration
Tags: Gaming, Behaviour Change
Awakening the Dreamer
Tags: Behaviour Change, Symposium
Wazsa a happenin on Aetna St
Tags: industrial, pollution, networking
Appalachian Mountain Top Removal
Tags: Online networking, Mapping
The Institute for Earth Education
Tags: school, drama, education
The Environmental Health Clinic
Tags: art, communication tools, environmental action