Project Twin Streams has been recognised by winning a number of awards – both in New Zealand and internationally.


2007 International Thiess Riverprize Finalist
The International Thiess Riverprize is the world’s largest environmental prize.  It is a partnership between Riverfestival and the International Riverfoundation – which was established to advocate the protection and restoration of the world’s rivers and waterways for future generations.

The other 2007 finalists were the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), Lake Simcoe (Canada) and the Yellow River (China).


2015 Morgan Foundation New Zealand Riverprize Finalist
Project Twin Streams was short listed as a finalist for the 2015 New Zealand Riverprize. The NZ Riverprize was open to applicants anywhere in the country who could demonstrate outstanding, visionary and sustainable programs in river management, restoration or protection – regardless of the size of the river of the scale of the project. Applicants were judged by an independent panel of experts in a range of river management fields.

The competition was an amazing reflection of the innovation and ingenuity of New Zealanders facing a plethora of water related challenges and we are proud to have been counted among them as a finalist.

2010 Green Ribbon Award Winner
The Green Ribbon Awards are New Zealand’s premier environmental awards.  These awards recognise the outstanding contributions made by individuals, organisations, businesses and communities to protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s environment.

Project Twin Streams won the ‘Caring for our Water’ category.  The judges commented that Project Twin Streams won this award for being a proactive, creative response to an environmental imperative and it has managed to empower widespread community participation and support to achieve a model outcome.

2010 Illuminating Engineering Society Lighting Design – Commendation
Judges comments: “An Environmentally sound, energy efficient, and thoughtful response to a well constructed brief. The installation uses cost effective equipment and achieves all objectives. Well done Waitakere City. A very good example of the direction we should all be taking for the future.”

2010 RASNZ (Royal Astronomical Society of NZ) – Dark Sky Award for Lighting
Judges comments:“A fantastic example of a project that not only set out to design an installation for the task at hand, but paid careful consideration to the environmental aspects both below and above the horizontal plane.”

2009 Cycle Advocate Network Award Winner
Project Twin Streams scooped the Avanti Award for Best Cycle Facility at the Cycle Advocate Network (CAN) Awards. The award recognizes the practical contribution the walk/cycleways have made to encourage walking and cycling in Waitakere.

A recent survey showed a 49% increase in the number of Waitakere cyclists from 2007-2009. 32% of this increase coincided with the completion of the Project Twin Streams walk/cycle network.

2009 Golden Foot Award Winner
Project Twin Stream’s network of walk/cycleways was judged New Zealand’s Best Practice Walking Facility at the first Best Practice Walking Awards – run by the New Zealand Transport Agency and Living Streets Aotearoa.

The Project Twin Streams walk/cycleway network strand shows how urban planning can meet local needs while contributing toward national goals, including encouraging sustainable transport alternatives and fighting the obesity epidemic.

2007 Green Ribbon Award Winner
Te Piataata win Youth category for their ongoing work on Project Twin Streams.


2009 Auckland Regional Council Sustainable Environment Awards Finalist
Project Twin Stream’s inaugural Song Quest was one of five finalists in the Youth category in the 2009 ARC Sustainable Environment Awards. The Song Quest involved under -18 year olds in Waitakere City writing and performing songs written about Project Twin Streams to inspire people to make positive change and create a better future for the environment.