Project Snapshots

The detail behind the Project Twin Streams story its successes and achievements have been captured in a series of legacy documents. These break down the mechanics of this major project and provide some great insights into the inner workings of Project Twin Streams from the early planning stages and could potentially act as template for other groups seeking to embark on environmental restoration projects of their own.

Restoring the Streambanks steps through the methodology of the planting restoration work from initial conception through to the present day. The document also outlines the steps employed to achieve the Council/community partnership model employed on Project Twin Streams.

Restoring the Streambanks

The Walk and Cycleways legacy document charts how the award winning walk and cycleway project was implemented. It also highlights some of the successful artistic and innovative design aspects that were employed on the project.

Walk and Cycleways

The 123 page Creative Log captures the extensive art works produced to date across the project and outlines the way in which creative engagement is used to communicate Project Twin Streams’ core environmental messages to the community.

Creative Log

The Sustainable Households/Sustainable Living (SH/SL) programme built on the success of PTS as a way of working with people on the streambanks using a community development model, to working with households to make lifestyle changes in their own homes and neighbourhoods in order to live more sustainably.

Sustainable Households/Sustainable Living

This document sets out to capture the community development ethos behind Project Twin Streams in an honest and informative way which highlights the successes, challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

A Community Development Approach