A Unique Approach

At the heart of Project Twin Streams is an approach that puts local people at the centre of thinking and action. The project recognises that you cannot repair and restore natural waterways without working with the people and communities that live in the catchment.

Through engaging local community organisations to deliver aspects of the project that the community can participate in, greater awareness and ownership of the Project Twin Streams goals has been achieved. Through this engagement, the vision for the project has become much wider, encapsulating how households have a more positive effect on the environment, how active modes of transport such as walking and cycling could both increase environmental and personal health, and the impact of connecting people to the natural world around them.

Using creative methods to engage people’s hearts and minds in reconnecting with their natural environment and raising awareness of environmental issues, is proving to be an essential tool in the success of the stream restoration programme of Project Twin Streams. These methods are particularly effective in engaging harder-to-reach groups, including youth at risk, in valuing the waterways as well as engendering a sense of belonging to and pride in ‘their place’.

The long term engagement of the community is key to the ongoing success of Project Twin Streams. It is anticipated that this approach will result in a much deeper understanding of the impacts of human behaviour on the catchment and people are then much more likely to have a lighter footprint.