Oratia Stream Tour

Parking is available at the intersection of Alderman Rd and Edmonton Rd. Or you can park at Westcity or Waitakere Plaza and get a coffee to kick in the revs. At Westcity you can see the huge planting that many of our community have contributed to and a beautiful giant mural along the wall of the building that these groups have created.
Now on your bike, travel along the walk / cycleway beside Vitasovich Rd which by passes the Bullock Sculpture. This artwork was created out of old shopping trolleys that were retrieved from our stream. The bullocks pulling the kauri logs remind us of yesteryear. Here we are now repairing much of this damage, if only they had a sense of sustainability the loggers would have replanted as they felled trees.
After crossing View Rd you will come to a grass outcrop overlooking the stream. Here you will find a sign marking the site of Perritts heel and plate factory. This was a pioneering industry that exported to the world.
Soon you will turn off the road and enter the Millbrook Esplanade. Stop and check out MEG (Millbrook Edible Garden) where the local community grows kai to support our people. They have also planted fruit trees here making this a great place to hang out for awhile.
Embedded in the concrete is our 1st tile artwork which reminds us of the housing that once stood here and needed to be removed due to flooding.
Towering above the site is a sculpture recognizing the Te Kawerau o Maki heritage of our place.
Wind wands also stand beside the garden. The community has plans to develop an outdoor pacific marae here and an outdoor kitchen so that we can gather, harvest, cook and eat together. We refer to this area as our community campsite; it is a great place for the whole family.
Now 2 options, and you could do both.
Take the left pathway which follows the Waikumete Stream to Seymour Rd. This bypasses the man-made wetland which also features panel artwork on the broadwalk. These panel artworks were developed by the community from discussions at our community plant days. You may also notice our pumpkin patch on vacant land next to the wetland.
Secondly you can head straight across the bridge, where you will notice another panel artwork, and head down to Sunnyvale Train Station. Stop for a moment on the bridge to check out the confluence of the Oratia and Waikumete Streams.
As you get to the rail underpass you can view a community mural depicting our local schools’ vision of their place.
Now the long straight takes you across our 2nd tile artwork depicting local fauna and wildlife.
Head upstream to the Newham Rd bridge which shows our 3rd panel artwork.
You will notice up to the left another community orchard planted by locals with the support of MPHS. Most of the area around here used to be orchards when Henderson was the fruit bowl of Auckland.
As you come to the end of this journey you will travel over our 3rd tile artwork based on local Maori concepts of our place.
Tired? Hungry? Thirsty? Across Parrs Cross Rd you will find Artisan Wines and restaurant, the Homestead Café and if it is Saturday morning you can spend time at the Oratia Farmers Market.


The whole journey takes 20 minutes. Relax, enjoy and tell your friends.