Our Groups – Ranui-Massey

We have worked with around 20 groups over the 12 years, and currently twelve groups are involved in streambank restoration on their adopted areas. Adoption means selecting a stretch of the stream that the group feels they can care for on a long-term basis. The area is initially cleared of weeds, before being replanted with natives. The group are also responsible for maintaining the new plants.

Groups presently working on the Swanson, Waimoko and Momotu Streams are:

ccAgape Trust – This adult group with disabilities have contributed to the restoration of the area on Urlich Esplanade Reserve, and have transformed it into a beautiful piece of native reserve.
cBirdwood School -The maori immersion unit led by teacher, Laura Puru, have been restoring the area adjacent to the school on Urlich Esplanade Reserve since 2005.
cChurch of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints – The collective strength of this group has worked wonders on the adopted area along Don Buck Corner Reserve.
cDon Buck School – The students of the school care for the area on Don Buck Corner. They are also working with St Dominics College to create a Project Twin Streams mural for their school.
cEngineering and Industry Training – this alternative education group restored the area on Birdwood Park (Waimoko Glen Rd) between 2006 and 2009.
cLincoln Heights School – Led by teacher Bruce Ronald, the school adopted the streamside area on Woodside Reserve in 2006, and have worked hard to bring it back to a good health.
cListon College – The students take care of the Urlich Esplanade Reserve area at the end of Waitemata Drive West. Year 7 and 8 students have achieved a great deal of work in a short time.
cMassey Pony Club – The members of Massey Pony Club have an area within the grounds which they have cared for since 2006.
cSt Dominics College -The adopted area of this school is on Birdwood Rd and this year they represented the community at the Project Twin Streams seminar at Waitakere City Council.
cSwanson School – As well as caring for the Swanson Stream, this school is also involved in raising eco-sourced seed for reintroducing local species in the area.
cWaimoko Glen residents – A small group of residents have been working together to achieve weed management and planting in an area which is landlocked by some properties.
cWestern Districts Model Railway Club – Since 2008 this keen group have been caring for an area adjacent to their clubrooms at the Birdwood Winery Estate and were actively involved in the Momotu Planting Day in September 2010.
cDepartment of Corrections –  An invaluable group who work on some of the more difficult areas within the Ranui-Massey- Swanson catchment.
cRanui Primary School – Since 2009 this school has been restoring a section of the Paremuka Drainage Reserve behind the school grounds. In September 2010 each of the 500 children in the school planted a plant.