Take Action

What microactions can people take to make a positive difference to global issues?

Tree planting, mulching and weeding and picking up rubbish.
Connecting with others in our community with similar interests.
Keeping an eye on threats to the stream and bring them to the attention of your local Project Twin Streams community coordinator.
Keep an eye on changes to the environment. Have you seen more bird life, or found more wetas, mokomoko and other native species?
Tell stories about the streams and their history.
Go for walks and bike rides along the streams and take the children.
Learn how to identify native trees and invasive weeds and what to do about them.
Find out the Maori names for native plants and creatures and learn the history of your area and the iwi groups.


For further information on how to live more sustainably, we recommend these two websites:

Sustainability.govt.nz – This site will help you learn how to reduce your impact on the environment and save money.
Ecomatters.org.nz – A charitable trust based in Auckland that delivers a diverse range of sustainability initiatives.