The inaugural Project Twin Streams Song Quest proved that engaging with youth on environmental issues is easy if you speak the right language, which is this case was the universal language of music.

Held in August 2009, the Song Quest competition asked students 18 and under to write a song inspired by Project Twin Streams. The brief was to create music which would in turn encourage people to make a positive change and create a better future for the planet.

Project Twin Streams Arts Coordinator Mandy Patmore saw the Song Quest as an opportunity to reach new members of the community with this innovative approach, an ambition that also stood out for the judges at the 2009 ARC Sustainable Environment Awards, where the project was one of five finalists in the Youth Category.

The call was answered by some 27 individual musicians and bands, a number whittled down to a core group of 13 finalists after a challenging audition process.

A crowd of over 400 people turned up to see the bands battle it out at Zeal Global Café in Henderson for the final performance night in August 09. The judging panel was made up of Andrew Fagan, former Mocker, Ben Collier from Goldenhorse, Dei Hamo, a leading hip hop artist and Jess Clark from Project Twin Streams.

Finalists ranged from the sweets sounds of ukulele strummers, through to a heavy metal band and virtually everything in between.

The Winners

First prize, a $2000 voucher redeemable at Go West Music and recording of the winning song, went to 17 year-old Abootu for her song Rebuild the Paradise.
Second place went to female duet Lemon Pie
Third place to singer-songwriter Victoria Vigenser
The Judges’ Merit Award went to a young dub band, The Velociraptors
A SKA band of nine and 10 year-olds, Mysterious Roadkill, took away the Project Twin Streams Encouragement Award


Songs to Save Our Streams

An independent film-maker, Ben McAlister documented the Song Quest from the auditions through to the finals and beyond. As well as capturing the event, Songs to Save Our Stream also shows how competitors understanding and interest in the various environmental issues facing our streams, shifted and deepened through the competition.