Opanuku Stream

The Opanuku Stream flows from high in the Waitakere Ranges down through Henderson Valley, to the tidal waters of Henderson Creek. The Project Twin Streams Opanuku Stream area spans from Candia road in the upper reaches, to Corban Estate in the lower reaches. This encompasses areas of mature bush as well as newly planted sites. The stream and surrounding bush are home to all sorts of interesting creatures including tuna (eels), koura (crayfish), pipiwharauroa (shining cuckoos), kereru (wood pigeons), lizards and pekapeka (bats)! Walking or cycling along the stream is a great way to get to know the nature in your neighbourhood.

The Opanuku stream has been degraded by pollution from storm-water run-off, deforestation and urban development, but we are working hard to restore it back to health. Most parts of the stream are adopted by dedicated groups of volunteers who work hard planting native trees, keeping invasive weeds away and beautifying their areas with artworks and sculptures. Some of the highlights are the Pā Harakeke and Rongoa Garden. If you are keen, there are lots of ways you can get involved restoring the Opanuku Stream.

The PTS Opanuku Stream Team is made up of two community coordinators who support the volunteer groups, and an enviro-team who work on the ground restoring the stream, especially the places that are harder to reach. McLaren Park Henderson South Community Initiative (MPHS) has managed the Opanuku Stream community engagement contract since 2009 (previously held by Corban Estate Art Centre). In 2010, MPHS also took on a contract to undergo physical works on the stream. MPHS also manages the contract for PTS Oratia Stream.


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Tina Samuelu
Community Coordinator
Opanuku and Oratia Streams
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