How To Get Involved


    Adopt a section of streambank – get a group together and commit to looking after a section of your local stream. Our community coordinators will show you how to clear, plant and maintain your own section of streambank.


    Attend a community planting event – Project Twin Streams hold community planting dates each year between May and September. These events are a great way to get actively involved in restoring your local streams. Plants, spades and gloves are provided and there is always live music, art activities and a barbeque to finish. See our Events Calendar to find the next planting day near you.


    Drive your car less – pollution from cars is very damaging to streams. zit’s not just the carbon emissions – heavy metals and chemicals can pollute the food chain in streams, killing native fish.

  • WASH

    Your car on the lawn – water that runs off the road and driveways often contains chemicals and pollutants. Washing your car on the grass allows the earth to filter these nasties before they enter our streams.


    Your local Project Twin Streams coordinator. They might need volunteers, donations or other products and services.