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Planting Event 15-09-2012

You are invited to join us for a Wirihana Neighbourhood Planting Event. Wear sturdy footwear and sunhat (or raincoat) and bring kai for a shared lunch afterwards. When: 15th September Time: 10am – 12.00 Where: Meeting between 36-38 Wirihana Road at 10am Contact:


Working together for healthy streams and strong communities Project Twin Streams (PTS) is large scale environmental restoration project that works collaboratively to engage West Auckland communities around restoring the streams in their local neighbourhoods. 800,000+ native trees and shrubs planted 60,000+ volunteer hours streamside 4212.8m2 weeds removed 9.3km walk/cycleways 98 art projects 1 rongoā garden 1 pā… Read more »

Property Purchases

Project Twin Streams is unique in its size and scale. Part of the project involved purchasing properties threatened by flooding.  Rivers and streams flood and over time they build up a flood plain (the area beside the banks into which the waterways spread when there is a flood). Flood plains are essential for the health… Read more »

Planting and Restoration

Why do we need to restore streams? Waterways are vital for the health of the environment! If we clog our streams with sediment, the harbour gets clogged, too. This destroys the fish and bird life. When we pollute our streams we kill off the microorganisms that plant and fish life need to survive. Agriculture, urbanisation… Read more »

Walk and Cycleways

You can find our award-winning network of walk/cycleways along the Oratia, Opanuku and Waikumete streams. The three metre wide paths offer ample space for all users. There are tiled artworks, community art installations, information panels and examples of sustainable products such as permeable paving and solar lighting.  Download our maps for your use:

Community & Creative Engagement

Community Engagement By partnering with four community-based organisations Project Twin Streams builds community ownership of the project in ways that are inclusive and meaningful for local neighbourhood communities because: People are more likely to make changes in behaviour when they understand the problem and are part of identifying the solutions. Local communities know the most… Read more »

Tue 4 Sep 2012: Junior Stream Rangers

Stream Ranger News Glen Eden Junior Stream Rangers are learning to take care of our local streams. Keen students from Konini, Prospect & Glen Eden Primary plus Glen Eden Intermediate School are meeting with Project Twin Streams Glen Eden regularly, to deepen their awareness & involvement for caring for our streams. In August, 65 enthusiastic… Read more »