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Click below for our latest environmental progress report, historical information about the project and more detail about our engagement strategies.


One of the key objectives of Project Twin Streams is maintaining strong relationships with and within the communities through which the streams run. Local community organisations are contracted by Council to work with residents and groups in their area – they organise community plantings and events, and work with groups, businesses and schools who adopt… Read more »


A Unique Approach  At the heart of Project Twin Streams is an approach that puts local people at the centre of thinking and action. You can’t repair and restore natural waterways without working with the communities that live alongside them. The long term engagement of the community is key to the ongoing success of Project Twin… Read more »

Thu 23 Aug 2012: Update on Project Twin Streams at Ranui-Massey.

Ranui-Massey Update It has been a busy and exciting few months for Project Twin Streams at Ranui-Massey. We have recently welcomed Cecily Mantell, the new Kaikōkiri/Manager at Te Ūkaipō. We are looking forward to her new style and infectious vitality radiating throughout the community. Since July up until the end of September we are now… Read more »