You Can Take Action!


Adopt an area of the stream. Our community coordinators will show you what to do and support you to do it. 


Project Twin Streams events and activities are a great way to get actively involved in restoring your local streams. Sign up to our newsletter to attend one and to stay in touch.  


Pollution from cars is very damaging to streams. It’s not just carbon emissions – toxic chemicals, grease and oil from your car get washed down stormwater drains straight into the streams.


Your car on the lawn – water that runs off the road and driveways often contains chemicals and pollutants. Washing your car on the grass allows the earth to filter these nasties before they enter our streams.


Ring the Pollution Hotline on 09 377 3107  if you see any stream pollution. Keep paint and household chemicals out of your stormwater drains. 


Small things you can do to make a positive difference 

  • Tree planting, mulching and weeding and picking up rubbish
  • Connect with others with similar interests
  • Keep an eye on threats to the stream and bring them to the attention of your local Project Twin Streams community coordinator
  • Look out for changes to the environment. Have you noticed more or less bird life, wetas or other native species?
  • Tell stories about the streams and their history
  • Go for walks and bike rides along the streams and take the children and whānau
  • Learn how to identify native trees and invasive weeds and what to do about them
  • Find out the Maori names for native plants and creatures and learn the history of your area