As well as environmental improvements, Project Twin Streams aims to bring economic, social and cultural benefits to all the communities within its area:

Environmental Aims

  • Integrate land-use planning and management of water supply, wastewater and stormwater to minimise flooding, reduce pollution and sedimentation in streams and the harbour
  • Recreate & restore ecological corridors 
  • Create lower impact footprints in the future with low-impact urban design
  • Encourage use of sustainable technologies
  • Contribute towards the mitigation of climate change
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of PTS in improving the environmental & ecological health of the catchment

Economic Aims

  • Create opportunities for collaborative ventures with government, business, iwi, urban Maori and academic institutions
  • Be a catalyst for iwi, Maori and community-based economic and enterprise development
  • Develop opportunities for research and new water, waste and energy efficient technologies

Social Aims

  • Encourage communities to understand and take ownership for the social, environmental, cultural & economic development of their localities
  • Foster sustainable community leadership
  • Work in ways that develop and promote an integrated holistic approach to connect with people‚Äôs minds, bodies and spirits
  • Create lifelong learning opportunities about how to live, work and play sustainably
  • Provide pedestrian and cycle linkages that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the community development approach

Cultural Aims

  • Foster sharing of diverse cultures through creative methods such as storytelling, art, music, literature and drama
  • Ensure inclusiveness of and learning from different cultural views
  • Recognise, record, respect, promote and profile the heritage of local areas
  • Promote creative ways for learning
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of using arts & culture to increase the understanding and uptake of local community & iwi