Opanuku Stream flows from high up in the Waitākere Ranges down through Henderson Valley, to the tidal waters of Henderson Creek. Our Project Twin Streams area is 108900 sqm and spans from Candia Rd in the upper reaches to Corban Estate in the lower reaches. The stream and surrounding bush are home to all sorts of interesting creatures including tuna (eels), koura (crayfish), pipiwharauroa (shining cuckoos), kereru (wood pigeons), lizards and pekapeka (bats). Walking or cycling along the stream on our award-winning paths is a great way to get to know the nature in your neighbourhood.

The stream has been degraded by pollution, deforestation and urban development, but we are working hard to restore it. Unique to our area is the PTS Pā Harakeke and Rongoā Maori Medicinal Garden both of which are accessed by the wonderful PTS walk/cycleway.  

MPHS Community Trust (MPHS) has managed the Opanuku Stream community engagement contract since 2009 (previously held by Corban Estate Art Centre).

MPHS also manages the contract for PTS Oratia Stream. We contribute to a PTS iNaturalist page where we record biodiversity information about both streams to increase awareness and understanding of the catchment.

Our regular volunteer sessions are on Friday mornings from 9-12. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us!

Community Coordinators:

Esteban Hevia
Community Coordinator
Opanuku and Oratia Streams
022 644 0767

Natasha Wade
Community Coordinator
Opanuku and Oratia Streams
021 207 2834

PTS Opanuku Stream is facilitated by MPHS Community Trust, MPHS HUB West 27 Corban Ave (Corner Bruce McLaren Rd and Corban Ave), Henderson South