MPHS Community Trust (MPHS) has managed the contract for Oratia since 2007. Since then we have worked with the community to plant over 100,000 trees and maintained over 91100 sqm of stream banks.

Our area encompasses the Oratia Stream from Parrs Cross Rd. This continues next to the Project Twin Streams walk and cycleway, underneath Sunnyvale Train Station, alongside Millbrook Rd, Vitasovich Rd and then to Great North Rd. We also look after the lower Waikumete starting from halfway up Rangeview Rd then downstream under the bridge, alongside the cycleway where the confluence of Oratia and Waikumete occurs by the Millbrook Esplanade Bridge. This special place is marked by a beautiful sculpture made by contemporary Maori artist Te Rongo Kirkwood.

Project Twin Streams Oratia is all about people, pride and place. On the Oratia stream we celebrate our connection and place in nature. We remember that we couldn’t do without one another. We highlight our special creatures living in the stream, such as fresh water crabs, mussels and shrimps – not to mention amazing limpets that squirt out glow-in-the-dark liquid when they are touched! If you’re interested in learning more about any of these fascinating creatures get in touch with us

As well our restoration work, building community resources and environmental awareness are also key to our approach. One such initiative was developing the Millbrook Edible Gardens (MEG). This great resource has truly taken on a life of its own and is a great source of pride for the Project Twin Streams Oratia team.

MPHS also manages the contract for Project Twin Streams Opanuku Stream. If you’d like to volunteer to help out on the Opanuku or Oratia stream please get in touch. We host regular volunteer sessions on Fridays from 9-12 but we’re happy to have you volunteer anytime.

Community Coordinators:

Esteban Hevia
Community Coordinator
Oratia and Opanuku Streams
022 644 0767

Natasha Wade
Community Coordinator
Opanuku and Oratia Streams
021 207 2834

PTS Opanuku Stream is facilitated by MPHS Community Trust, MPHS HUB West 27 Corban Ave (Corner Bruce McLaren Rd and Corban Ave), Henderson South

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