Useful Resources and Websites

Enviroschools kit: Healthy Water (all Enviroschools should have this)

Project Twin Streams Action Toolkit

Friends of the Whau
The Whau, our streams, our river, our backyard

Stream stories CN3 2004 Wonderful Water
SJ P4 No 3 2008 Estuary Health Check
SJ P1 1990 Rain in the Hills
SJ P2 No 3 Testing the North River
Water Water Everywhere
by Henry Pluckrose
The Waterways: How Rivers and Streams Work (Building Science Concepts series 2000)

Eel stories
YP 1997 Our Tame Eels
SJ P1 No 4 2003 The Tame Eels of Anatoki
CN2 2004 Of Elbows and Eels
SJ P4 No 3 1994 The Moray Eel
Freshwater Eels
by Jenny Jones

Auckland Council

Guardians of the Mauri video (contact Sue Langton, details above)
City Issues: Stormwater

Greater Wellington Regional Council
Take Action for Water resource kit for Year 5 – 8 students

Department Of Conservation
News and resources based around waterways and native freshwater fish

Environmental Monitoring and Action Project (EMAP)
A range of resources are available for free. Order from their website:

Environment Waikato
Rivers and Us programme and resources

National Waterways Project
Information and resources for schools

Bell Museum distance learning
The Watershed Game

Sea Keepers
Resources on how we use water and the harm we do