Stream Clean Ups

Check out this video…Local Boaties Caught on Camera – Cleaning up Henderson Creek that is!

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Two large clean-ups with the public are held per year. One held in October in conjunction with the Keep Waitakere Beautiful Trust’s Operation Spring Clean; and another in March in conjunction with SeaWeek. Both of these events are usually based out of the Tui Glen jetty area. Smaller clean-ups are also held on an on-going basis.

In 2012-13, a total of 128 bags of rubbish and recycling were pulled out of Henderson Creek. Some of strange objects found in the clean-up were an office chair, a Rubix cube, a baseball bat, and a Labour Party flag – found by a Green Party member.

The Auckland Branch of Art of Living often has large groups attend clean-ups and the Te Atatu Endeavour Sea Scouts have helped out in their kayaks.

A group of local boating friends have become regular attendees of stream clean events. Using a flotilla of small dinghies and boats lined with tarpaulins they pull large amounts of rubbish from the stream that is not accessible from land. The boaties were rightfully nominated for the Best Group award at the Eco-Wise awards 2012.