Western Heights School Art Project Unveiling


In November a new Project Twin Streams and Western Heights School co-creation was unveiled. Project Twin Streams arts co-ordinator Mandy Patmore worked together with the students of Room 7 to create the gorgeous archway leading to the bush trail at their school. Room 7 have been working on revitalising the native bush area and have a nursery in which they are growing plants for the bush. Another class made signs which label different trees and have done research into them. They have created a legacy for years to come. In the words of their principal about the students: “The project vision was theirs, the creative ideas were theirs, and the hard work and persistence to see it through to completion, were also theirs.”


PTS_OO_western heights archway_1

Western Heights School principal planting a kowhai to celebrate the unveiling…

PTS_OO_western heights archway_2

A warm welcome

PTS_OO_western heights archway_3

The archway entrance